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Composite make-ability!

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Besides the technical aspect of transforming a part design into a successful 'first out of tool', composites is all about managing expectations of the investors and team members. How to correctly setup a composite development, implement smart solutions and deliver in time as well as budget.

Nederlands (of eventueel Engels)

Teun de Vries BSc
Composite enthusiast - TEUN

Teun has years of experiance with composite production and tooling development as well as closed molded technology such as RTM and 3D resin flow infusion simulation. Additionally besides project management a strong focus on implementation of technical solutions and on site and training of employees. Multi-lingual and used to work in an international setting.

A cost efficient spider in the web of various composite markets providing development knowledge. An essential partner, vitalizing your idea with manufacturability!

Composites are excellent within their purpose, however they are prone to environmental effects such as moist. Surface treatment is therefore essential to maintain their full capabilities.