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Mechanical behaviour of additive manufactured materials

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Additive manufacturing technologies offer new design possibilities for a wide range of applications, including aerospace, biomedical and automotive industry. However, the process is characterized by rapid thermal cycles, resulting in complex microstructures and process-induced defects. To make full use of such new materials, their mechanical properties must be characterized and predicted. The main focus of this talk is to give an overview of room and high temperature mechanical behaviour of additive manufactured Nickel and Titanium based alloys. Various methods of improving mechanical response of additive manufactured materials, including microstructural design, surface engineering and heat treatment will be discussed. Furthermore, a novel way of developing additive manufacturing functionally graded materials will be addressed and compared to conventional wrought and cast counterparts.


dr. Vera Popovich
Assistant professor - TU Delft

Dr. Vera Popovich (Dept. of Material Science & Engineering) has two Master’s degrees in materials science and a PhD degree from TU Delft, The Netherlands. Since 2016 she is an Assistant Professor at TU Delft, providing advance understanding and control of mechanical behaviour and relating it to material’s microstructure and processing. Vera Popovich is currently leading the group focused on Mechanical Behaviour of Additive Manufactured Materials. She has published more than 30 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as an editorial board member of several journals.

Surface finish and surface properties play a crucial role in defining static and dynamic response of additive manufacturing materials and hence represent an important research direction for TU Delft. Furthermore, corrosion aspects of additive manufactured surfaces differ from conventionally manufactured counterparts, and require a more throughout investigation and assessments, which as well has been the scope of our research.