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Low temperature zinc phosphate: An innovative concept reduces process costs and saves money

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To meet high-end quality requirements particularly in combination with cathodic electro-coat, tri-cation low zinc phosphatation processes are state-of-the-art. The use of a special rinse conditioner based on zinc phosphates enables the user to reduce the phosphate replenisher consumption remarkably, and to operate the zinc phosphate bath at much lower temperature, thus saving energy and produce less phosphate sludge. In other words: The innovative low-temperature zinc phosphate technology on the one hand offers a contribution to sustainability, and on the other hand it contributes to cost savings in energy, chemical consumption, and pre-treatment line maintenance. Nevertheless, the well-know quality level of conventional zinc phosphate processes is fully kept. Zinc phosphate crystal size, phosphate coating weight and layer porosity are equal to high temperature processes, no quality downgrade needs to be expected.


dr. Ulrich Hönig
Head of global business unit pre-treatment - Kluthe Benelux

Ulrich Hönig is responsible for global marketing and sales of Kluthe´s pre-treatment product range. Annual budgeting in accordance with the Kluthe-group affiliates reflects the company targets and the strategic approach. He is Senior manager for central R&D laboratory at Kluthe´s headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany. Coordination of global application support by Kluthe pre-treatment specialists.