Workshop 'Surfaces, Interfaces & Coatings' (part 2)

- 17:00

The 4TU.Research Centre High-Tech Materials and the Materials Innovation Institute M2i organise a scientific workshop on Surfaces, Interfaces & Coatings.

This workshop will be organised as a series of online lectures on Thursday 22 October, Thursday 29 October, and Thursday 5 November (through Teams). Please mention the days you wish to participate upon registration (by email). We will send you a Team link a day before each meeting.

Every material, also if applied for its bulk properties, has a surface or at least an interface to another material, where numerous dynamic processes can take place, down to the smallest length scales. These processes can form a threat for the material (like corrosion), but can also be beneficial or even essential for its functionality (like heat exchange). Coatings, introducing new surfaces and interfaces, can form an effective means to improve the functionality and/or life time of materials. Understanding surfaces and interfaces forms an intricate and essential part of materials science in its quest to optimise understanding and application of materials.

This workshop aims to bring together scientists and industrial partners with interest and expertise in surfaces, interfaces and coatings throughout the different types of materials, techniques and processes for an exchange of ideas and observations.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, register by email. Also in case of questions, please contact Reina Boerrigter (Coordinator 4TU.HTM). Please indicate upon registration whether you will attend the whole series of only one or two days (and which days).

More information:

22 October 2020
Enriched finite element modelling of interface problems
dr. Alejandro Aregón (TU Delft)

Modelling and measuring adhesion and friction in a tribological contact Matthijn de Rooij (UTwente)

Modelling of surface segregation for palladium alloys in vacuum and gas environments
Dr. Amarante Böttger (TU Delft, Avans Hogeschool)

Modelling polymer brush coatings in contact with gasses for sensor and separation technologies
Dr. Sissi de Beer (UTwente)

29 October 2020
Trivalent chromium plating in a high-speed continuous steel strip plating line
Arnoud de Vooys (Tata Steel R&D)

Surface development of trailing arms during fully automatic production: challenge and innovation
Dr. Lie Zhao (VDL Weweler BV)

Additively manufactured implants with multifunctional surfaces
Ir. Ingmar van Hengel (TU Delft)

Design polymer networks for surface functionality: self-healing, anti-fouling and low-friction
Dr. Catarina Esteves (TU/e)

5 November 2020
Programmable coatings for photonic integrated circuits
Dr. Oded Raz (TU/e)

Visible light-triggered living polymerization for creating antifouling and bioactive surfaces
Andriy Kuzmyn MSc (WUR)

Metal-organic frameworks: nanoporous surface networks for selective sorption applications
Dr. Monique van der Veen (TU Delft)

One-Dimensional Metals; some pro’s and con’s
Dr. Kees Bastiaansen (TU/e)