Vandaag, 28 juni 2017, ontving Vereniging ION het volgende bericht van Jones Day (consortiumleider) over de autorisatie van Chroom(VI). Dit bericht is relevant voor die bedrijven die een autorisatie verwachten vanuit het CTACsub-consortium.

We have received written confirmation today that the CTACSub (LANXESS et al 0032) proposed authorization decisions will not be submitted by the Commission and discussed at the July REACH Committee (Commission and Member States) meeting. We should be able to obtain information at the end of July whether the proposals will be presented and discussed at the September REACH Committee meeting. Accordingly, the earliest we can expect authorization is towards the end of the year. In the meantime, downstream users may continue to use the substance if supplied by CTACSub members and their customers. Please also note that because of this situation, Article 66 REACH downstream user notifications to ECHA are neither required nor possible, as these can and must only be done once the authorizations are granted and an authorization number is available.