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BYK Instruments – The Objective Eye for Paint QC Solutions

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In contrast to solid colors, effect finishes change their color and appearance with viewing angle and lighting conditions. Metallic finishes show a lightness travel depending on viewing angle whereas pearlescent colors also create a color flop. Additionally, special effect pigments exhibit high sparkling effects under direct illumination.
In order to objectively describe the visual impression of effect finishes two different measurement principles are used. Effect finish appearance is highly influenced by different viewing angles and viewing conditions. In order to match the visual impression with the measurement results defined viewing angles and lighting conditions are needed.

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dipl.ing. Henrik Folkerts
Technical Marketing, BYK - Gardner

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Dipl. Ing.  Henrik Folkerts, studied mechanical engineering at Polytechnical FH Iserlohn, from 1992-1998 worldwide application and regional sales manager for Datacolor International.
Since 1998 sales and key account manager for BYK Gardner for colour  and appearance systems. Since 2008 worldwide technical marketing for colour and appearance systems.