The planned technical working groups are the core element of technical cooperation in the network. Each TAG deals with a selected technology topic.

The selection of topics for TAGs is based on the results of the webinars conducted by Vecco; further topics can be proposed by the network participants.

Participation in TAGs is free for all network participants; if interested, network participants can participate in every TAG.

The TAGs are carried out as webinars, duration of the webinars will be 3 - 4 hours each. To stimulate technical discussions, the state of the art and relevant solutions will be presented in one or two impulse lectures. In the following technical discussion, the solutions will be assessed and potential applications as well as further development needs will be identified. Based on this, appropriate development measures shall be planned. The implementation of these measures will be accompanied by the TAG.

The following 3 TAGs are planned for the start:
TAG 1: Development of Cr(III) based functional chromium plating processes towards industrial maturity
TAG 2: Application potential of PVD / CVD processes for functional metal coating
TAG 3: Application potential of laser cladding for functional metal coating (e.g. as an alternative to black chrome)

Dates of the first webinars:
TAG 1: Thursday, April 29, 2021, Chromium(III) Processes, Moderation Dr. Uwe König and Berthold Seßler
TAG 2: Thursday, May 27, 2021, PVD / CVD Processes, Moderation Dr. Jochen Borris (Fraunhofer IST) and Ernst-Udo Sievers
TAG 3: Thursday, June 24, 2021, Laser Cladding Processes, Moderation Arjan de Bruin (Innovat.ION) and Ernst-Udo Sievers

To participate in a TAG, please register with a short email to

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